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  • Kevin Lyons

Fastest Ways to Increase Your Testosterone

Updated: Jan 22

Summary of Contents:

  1. Exercise

  2. Sleep

  3. Nutrition

  4. Supplements

  5. Eliminate Harmful Products

Testosterone is the lifeblood of men. It is the what determines our drive to succeed, willingness to compete with one another, and ability to attract women. In the competitive world we live in, if you are short of testosterone, those with an abundance of it will simply blow you out of the water when it comes to productivity and related life outcomes. It is thus incumbent upon those with low testosterone and high expectations of life to increase their levels so that they can compete with other men who already have this figured out. But testosterone levels in young men have been decreasing significantly in the last few decades (source). This decrease in testosterone can be attributed to a few key factors which the reader must recognize and control. In this post, I will outline what those key factors are such that you can eliminate them from your life and use the science provided hereafter to begin restoring your testosterone to pre-feminine levels.

Science also tells us that testosterone can increase or decrease by way of factors which we cannot manage over time, such as age and climate. So, for those of you who want to take control of their masculinity instead of waiting around for change, I have ensured that the following list provides you with the fastest and most simple methods of increasing your testosterone levels and getting back on track. To be sure, I would highly recommend implementing each of these methods in your life for best results and maximum recovery rate

#1: Exercise

Sorry to disappoint fellas, but, in this case, the most cliché answer is one of the best - exercising increases testosterone. However, it is important to note that resistance training alone, whilst it helps (source), is not sufficient for increasing testosterone levels...

Instead, the reader needs to focus on a combination of resistance training and cardio. This advice comes in light of the fact that increased levels of fat are known to inhibit testosterone production (source). So, whilst it may be tempting to go on a bulk in order to get bigger and feel more powerful (which I have certainly done myself), I would strongly advise against this, as increasing your body-fat percentage will seriously inhibit your testosterone building efforts.

With all of the above facts in mind, I would recommend utilizing free military workout programs due to their perfect blend of strength and cardio and the fact that they are designed solely to build superhuman strength and fitness within elite military regiments.

Discipline can sometimes become a problem when following these programs due to their gruelling nature, and, if this becomes a problem, I would recommend checking out our Top 10 Books for Increasing Discipline and Self-Control.

Exercise makes the list because readers who follow a workout plan as described above can be sure to feel the difference in their T-levels within just a few weeks.

#2: Sleep

Many of the negative effects associated with low testosterone, such as fatigue, lack of motivation, bad mood, etc., can be felt immediately after one bad nights sleep, hence the time-value of fixing your sleep schedule ASAP. There is also scientific evidence which tells us that lack of sleep leads to low testosterone levels (source), making it a top priority for those seeking to boost their T-levels.

Be careful not to over adjust though, as sleeping over 10 hours has also been linked with low testosterone (source). Sleeping 10 hours is also a total waste of time, which I would never recommend. The sweet spot seems to be 7 hours, as it is the minimum amount required to dodge any negative effect of sleeping too little (source) whilst also maximising your daylight hours so that you can get all the work you need to completed.

Tips for taking control of your sleep are as follows:

  • Ensure your room is dark and quiet

  • Remove electronic devises

  • Do not eat or drink within 2 hours of going to sleep

  • Exercise during the day

There are also some supplements you can take to help master your sleep schedule. However, I don't believe that they are necessary unless you are already at an elite level of self-improvement and wanting to make some important last touches.

#3: Nutrition

There are obvious aspects to a masculine diet, such as removing sugars and increasing protein intake (source), but there are also some lesser-known methods which will give you that extra boost in testosterone pretty quickly. Getting the following right can have you feeling fully charged within just a few days.

  • Vitamin D: Vitamin D is a micronutrient which is an essential part of our overall health, yet many people in colder climates are deficient (source). Increasing Vitamin D intake has been shown to increase testosterone and reduce erectile dysfunction (source), which can be done most effectively by taking a vitamin D supplement. I highly recommend this, as it is a quick and easy way to get ahead in repairing low testosterone

  • Fats: Low fat diets decrease testosterone levels (source), and many men tend to shy away from fatty foods which may actually help to restore their manhood. I will defer recommendation on this topic to Jack Hopkins (@jackhopfitness), who suggests eating fatty foods such as eggs, pistachios, and / or brazil nuts a couple of hours before bed, enabling the chemicals to get to work overnight. Further resources on this matter can be found on Jack's YouTube channel

  • Alcohol: This one is brutal, as I know many of you enjoy hitting the drink from time to time, but alcohol is just not good for male testosterone levels (source). Thus, where possible, the reader should cut it out. I understand that this may be tough, so I refer the reader again to our list of the Top 10 Books for Increasing Discipline and Self-Control and remind them of the importance and power of making small sacrifices now for the sake of prosperity in the future.

#4: Supplements

Luckily for the reader, there exists a vast array of products which can be easily consumed that consistently and effectively increase testosterone levels. For this section, I will refer you to our list of Top 10 Supplements for Increasing Your Testosterone, which contains ten proven products which increase testosterone and help rise above the rest.

At this stage in the blog, I feel obliged to mention the fact that there is no such thing as a free meal on this earth, and I thus have to advise that the products contained in the above list ought to be taken only by those who are already serious about and actively working towards becoming the best version of themselves. To be sure, no amount of any supplement can overpower your lack of action towards a certain goal. Therefore, if you are not already sincere about your mission, this section isn't for you yet.

#5: Eliminate Harmful Products

An unfortunate fact of the world today is that many of the products we count on to get along contain chemicals which are highly detrimental to male testosterone levels.

There are too many products of this nature to examine completely here, but the most common examples of these are plastics, and cosmetic products (shampoo, conditioner, moisturizer, etc.). These products contain anti-masculine chemicals such as bisphenol and parabens, both of which badly damage testosterone levels (source, source). Excessive use of these products can have the following side effects on men:

  • Feeling fatigued

  • Lack of libido

  • Loss of motivation

  • Hair loss

  • Muscle loss

  • Fat gain

I would thus suggest that the reader refers to our list of our Top 10 Man-Safe Cosmetic Products and makes an attempt to reduce their exposure to plastics and certain cosmetic products. However, we are only scratching the surface with regards to this topic, and I would also recommend that the reader conducts their own additional research on this topic to find out where they may be able to make changes in their life that will help on the journey to peak testosterone levels.


So, there it is - a concise list of things which you can act upon now and reliably increase your testosterone levels such that you may realise your potential as a man. I would like to conclude this post by mentioning that the tips listed above, whilst necessary, are purely preliminary. You should understand that the employment of these strategies alone will not turn you into the man you wish to become, but simply move you closer to that ideal. To begin acquiring the full set of skills and techniques necessary to truly reach the top 1%, I suggest browsing our page and getting stuck into some of our other posts on success and related topics.

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